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30 Apr 2022





May 16th

a horse in fire

Apr 16th

After Anni Albers'

Under Way (1963)

               when I lose my way

               I close my eyes

               like a horse in fire

               and let my fingertips

               follow your haptic trail

               of cotton and wool

               cresting and falling

               a bedform rippled by yarn

               you lead me on, lulled

               by the grid, then surprise me

               with a twist in the road—

               a brocade overlays

               your past leaving it blind

               but only to the eye

               the weave reveals

               your truth to my thumb

               and I see now

               the fragility

               of our surface

               to the end we are handmade

               two hempen home-spuns

               our knotted story     fraying        free

Behind the poem...

My inspiration for a horse in fire is Under Way: an abstract pictorial weaving from 1963 by Bauhaus and Black Mountain College artist, Anni Albers. In cotton, linen and wool, Albers combines many innovative techniques in a bold interplay of thick red and white yarn, suspended against a black background.

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