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28 Jul 2022





Aug 12th


Jul 13th

After Mark Strand’s

The Hill

               Hesitating, stumbling occasionally

               step after step, heel-toe rhythm

               but never stopping for long. The way

               that feels right to me angles upward.

               Beyond each curve, a warning

               or a pulse. I never know the time

               the closer I am to sky. Daylight

               to dim light, a call in the distance

               is simply voice, I don’t hear the words.

               Shapes at the roadside ever less distinct

               now I am night walking again.

Behind the poem...

During a workshop with writer Stuart Ross, we were asked to ‘write between the lines’ of another writer’s poem. The source poem was to be double-spaced (serving as ‘scaffolding’) and we were either to continue or respond to each line in the blank spaces beneath the original lines. I chose Mark Strand’s The Hill, as I was inspired by the feeling of motion he evokes. What you see here is my revision of the draft left behind when the scaffolding was removed – every care taken to honour the feel of Strand’s poem.

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