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31 Aug 2023

L Kiew


Full Moon


Sep 15th


Aug 16th

In response to Goldmine

by Lisa Barnard

                                    Testify, mine. Day finds

                                    an adit into hillside.

                                    Wind sung. Cracked open.

                                    Miner-men entered, sunk

                                    shafts into supporting rock.

                                    Dark holds. Self-gold.

                                    Men stope and repeat

                                    till veins are voids

                                    that rushing rain refills.

                                    Midnight declines to pools.

                                    Say silica. Say sediment.

                                    Say sentiment. Say spoils.

                                    You remain persistent. Awe.

                                    Sing mine. Say ore.

Behind the poem...

Inspired by a photo from Lisa Barnard’s The Canary and the Hammer series – included in the Martin Parr Foundation’s 2022 Intersectional Geographies exhibition – I was struck by how societies exploit and extract from both the body of the earth and from female bodies. I see this exploitation as part of a continuum, and was interested in the nexus between sexual politics and mining economics. Throughout my poem, I use homophones to create an equivalence between the human and the non-human.

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