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6 Jun 2024



New Moon


Jun 22nd

Green Man

May 23rd

After Elisabeth Frink’s Green Man

(1991, charcoal / ink on paper

The Dorset Museum) 

‘O Lord, open thou our lips:

and our mouth shall shew forth thy praise.’

~ The Book of Common Prayer ~

                             Praise climbs out of my mouth,

                             clings to my cheeks like ivy

                             on the wall of a garden,

                             searches for the wildness and

                             wildernesses in which to grow.

                             The leaves unfurl and soon 

                             there will be a blossoming;

                             bees will come, sip the sweetness

                             in my eyes and vibrate their wings

                             in a hymn to abundance.

                             My limbs will become branches

                             where birds will roost, make

                             chicks of eggs, sing all the while 

                             as though the world depended on it

                             and we were equal voices in the same song.

Behind the poem...

This poem was inspired by the paintings and charcoal drawings of the Green Man by Elisabeth Frink – some of which are in my local museum, the Dorset Museum. I love Frink’s work, and have drawn on it as a source for more than 20 of my poems. Her representations of the Green Man were among her last works; reflecting her exploration of spirituality after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. Frink saw the Green Man as signifying life’s irrepressibility.

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