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25 Mar 2024



Full Moon


Apr 8th

Poem in the
Manner of Du Fu

Mar 10th

After poems by Du Fu such as

Brimming Water, Day’s End and Morning Rain

                                    I walk beside the river 

                                    in a reverie. 


                                    rushes down the road. Ever  

                                    eroding, transfigured,

                                    the self’s 

                                    a constellation 

                                    of starlight and dust. Cool evening 

                                    comes. The ooze and jelly 

                                    in the current

                                    slides. Things change.

                                    A pink edge bellying 

                                    each cloud, its nimbus  

                                    rims a copper scroll

                                    over tiptop leaves ...

                                    It looks so heavenly—

                                    then darkness  

                                    sinks through slanting levels. 

                                    One moment holds.

                                    My face, 

                                    a stranger’s, stares back 

                                    from the glancing lace 

                                    of water,

                                    where the careworn 

                                    moon appears.

                                    My eyes 

                                    have vanished

                                    into birds.

Behind the poem...

This is my attempt to capture the simplicity of style found in poems by Du Fu – a style that belies more profound ideas and emotions. It’s a poetry that combines grammatical complexity with shifting tonal nuance, yet speaks in a clear, seemingly straightforward way. I’ve imitated many of Du Fu’s motifs, such as the moon, the end of day, changefulness and river water. 

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