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23 May 2024

Kurt Cole


Full Moon


Jun 6th

Three Breaks

May 8th

After Armando Guadalupe Cortés’

El Descanso en la Gloria / Rest in Glory (2017)

                        There are too many ways 

                                                                 to break yourself. 

                        No one needed to invent one                more. 

                        There are three new ways to break myself 

                        from the memories clinging at my throat. 

                        There are three Jesuses we all become. 

                        There are three new potter’s shards after 

                        we stumble and right ourselves 

                        at a party we weren’t invited to. 

                        How else can you reassemble a life 

                        besides struggling to bounce at birthing?

                        How else can a story end? After this,

                        there’s nothing.

Behind the poem...

In the video El Descanso en la Gloria, artist Armando Guadalupe Cortés, with clay pots fastened to the ends of his long braids, moves his body and head until eventually these vessels smash into shards. The performance recalls traditional storytelling and myth, as well as religious practices. It’s immediately stunning, beautiful, and heartbreaking: radiating intensity and grace as it presents the entire cycle of creation and destruction in multiple gestures.

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