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Jan 2nd

Clare Proctor

Jan 17th

Mary Ford Neal

Feb 1st

Sharon Phillips

Feb 16th

Lucy Holme

Mar 2nd

Gwenno Gwilym

Mar 18th

Alex C Eisenberg

Apr 1st

Sue Finch

Apr 30th

Liz Houchin

May 16th

Louise Longson

May 30th

Ivor Daniel

Jun 14th

Richard Manly Heiman

Jun 29th

Alice Stainer

Jul 28th

Frances Boyle

Aug 12th

Douglas Tawn

Aug 27th

Özge Lena

Sep 10th

Judy Clarence

Sep 25th

J-T Kelly

Oct 9th

Jessica Anne Robinson

Oct 25th

Rae Howells

Nov 23rd

Fred Pollack

Dec 23rd

Kate Arthur

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