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Poem titles become live links
at 9pm (GMT/BST) on dates shown

Jan 11th

Mary Ford Neal

Jan 25th

Jennie Owen

Feb 24th

Anne Westbrook

Mar 10th

Matt Gilbert

Mar 25th

William Cordeiro

Apr 8th

Penny Ayers

Apr 24th

Dianna Raab

May 8th

Georgia Hilton

May 23rd

Kurt Cole Eidsvig

Jun 6th

Green Man

Beth Brooke

Jun 22nd

At the Rodin Museum

Donna Vorreyer

Jul 5th

Largo ma non tanto

Elizabeth Osmond

Jul 21st


Marc Alan Di Martino

Aug 4th

The Storm

Paul atten Ash

Aug 19th

Thirteen Ways of
Looking at Haystacks

Carolyn Martin

Sep 3rd

Y Tu Mama Tambien

Elizabeth Loudon

Sep 18th

Rock Forms

Jim Lloyd

Oct 2nd

Ghost over the Trees

Rachel Curzon

Oct 17th

Not Receiving Visitors

Jon Stone

Nov 1st

The Phenomenal World

Katherine Meehan

Nov 15th

We were talking
about roundness

Clare Bonetree

Dec 1st

What Remains Sacred

Jonaki Ray

Dec 15th

Hope is a thing
with chemicals

Suchi Govindarajan

Dec 30th


Anna Shelton

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