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1 Aug 2023



Full Moon


Aug 16th

Twenty Twenty One

Jul 17th

After Christopher Flick’s art

installation bearing the same title

                                                          that year, we only had to capture noble

            gases in glass tubes to give ourselves cold-cathode light

            to meditate by, to name

            the good—to focus on the good

                                       we still arrange such segments on white walls

            —gallery walls less prone

            to outages than homes

            —don’t you still fear to leave?

                                                    helium’s gone and with it one whole color

            those accidental infants will never learn to see

Behind the poem...

With his art installation Twenty Twenty One, Christopher Flick inspired not only this poem in response to it but also its title. His use of neon strip lighting in blue, yellow, pink and white made me think of a kind of abstracted city – the material of signage, shorn of its purpose – and spoke to me of the way cities might be seen during the isolation of a pandemic lockdown.

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