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Poem titles become live links
at 9pm (GMT) on dates shown

Jan 21st

Robin Houghton

Feb 5th

Amaleena Damlé

Mar 21st

A R Williams

Apr 6th

Liza Costello

Apr 20th

Patrick Wright

May 5th

Jane Zwart

May 19th

Roger Hare

Jun 4th

Gabriel Rosenstock

Jun 18th

What Burns

Kerry Trautman

Jul 3rd


Lesley Curwen

Jul 17th

after reading Siddhartha
by Hermann Hesse

Missy Nicks

Aug 1st

Twenty Twenty One

Elizabeth Switaj

Aug 16th

To an Over Hailes poet of 2123

Jay Whittaker

Aug 31st


L Kiew

Sep 15th

‘And it was never really
the same after that’

Tim Kiely

Sep 29th


J P Seabright

Oct 14th

The Schoolkid/Teenager
Has Landed!

Gwenno Gwilym

Oct 28th

Lady in Blue

Alice Stainer

Nov 13th

Falling quietly:
Moscow, 1999

Ankh Spice

Nov 27th

Highlights from the
Conversation with Jolene

Shannon Frost Greenstein

Dec 12th

The Maenad’s Child

Spencer Wood

Dec 27th


Cerys Thomas-Ford

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