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21 Mar 2023



New Moon


Apr 6th

Through the Eyes
of a Sparrow

Mar 7th

                    Here a branch sways

                    And there

                                       a sparrow twitters.

                                       from F S Flint’s Cones

                           How is it that a sparrow can serenade

                           this grove a stone’s throw away from a squall?

                           Here a great oak breaks under the weight

                           of the wind’s hand. There a wheaten

                           warbler twitters her young a lullaby.

                           How does she sing amid the storm?

                           Jesus of Nazareth once instructed

                           his followers to look at the birds of the air

                           And as I gaze at this singing sparrow,

                           I yearn to see through her eyes.

Behind the poem...

I came across F S Flint’s poem Cones in a print anthology of imagist poetry. As I read it, I pictured at once his sparrow in a tree, ‘twittering’. The words ‘here’ and ‘there’ seized my imagination. I knew I had to see what that sparrow saw.

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