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27 Dec 2023



Full Moon


Jan 11th


Dec 12th

After Virginia Overton’s Untitled (chime for Caro),

a found poem using words by Paul Dobraszczyk

from his magazine article, Treehouse Utopia


                        An alternative world of fantasy structures,

                        improbable functions

                        and bizarre accoutrements


                        Romantic desire – a child’s imagination, 

                        a skyward fantasy


                        Intense vulnerability – a children’s pastime, 

                        keys played then lashed freely


                        Party & Protest – a powerful tool 

                        against barriers, against destruction


                        Utopian striving – a potent incubator 

                        of new possibilities

Behind the poem...

This poem was born of works by an artist and a writer. Virginia Overton’s sculpture Untitled (chime for Caro) used offcuts and objects from the work of Sir Anthony Caro and others. To these finds, she added a series aluminium pipes: each weighed meticulously, then suspended from an industrial gantry. Setting her piece in a space topped with whitewood and cedar, Overton created an interactive sound sculpture visitors were free to play with. I watched as some of them did. On my way home, I bought a copy of Dope Magazine. It was here, in Paul Dobraszczyk’s article, Treetop Utopia, that my poem found its words.

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