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9 Oct 2022

Jessica Anne


Full Moon


Oct 25th

these the memories
i remember me by

Sep 25th

After Jeanine Brito’s exhibition

August & Other Stories

            see how my fingertips peer through this middle?

            see how these hands held a bee’s breath,

            his hair lock and mine, see how all my mirrors are

            reflecting the sky and i can only see myself in the

            green glass, see me blink back these memories

            like a loose lash, we light something old and

            remember it differently, curtain call for these girls i was,

            these hopeful heartened girls, who see summer sky and

            know endings, the kind that start over immediately,

            so quick you could miss it but no, it’s captured

            in the bottom of this glass and you see it,

            you see it, me lingering at the bottom of the glass,

            me that can’t believe summer is again already over.

Behind the poem...

German-born, Canadian-based artist Jeanine Brito exhibited a collection of 11 paintings titled August & Other Stories. Its intention was to capture the fantasy and fallibility of memory so particular to the experience of youth – and too, the dog days of summer. It was produced entirely by Jeanine, who is a contemporary of mine and a creative collaborator.

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